Lea Couzin tonight in The Voice of Senior

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Friday start The Voice Senior, with, perhaps, all eyes focused on Lea Couzin. The 84-year-old was very famous in the eighties as Merlina from the eponymous tv series. Thirty years after the date she makes a comeback. As a singer this time. At the request of VTM for The Voice Senior was looking for more mature singers. “Impulsive, I immediately said ‘yes’,” says Couzin. Not with the ambition to win the competition, but with the intention to her favorite music with the rest of Flanders. “For years I toured with a performance in which I, together with my husband cabaretnummers brought. It seemed nice that also for a larger audience.” But after that phone call hit the doubt. “I’m not really a singer,” she says. “Rather, a narrator. I bring such a number with all the theatre that I believe belongs to. But if the jury, such as on The Voice, with his back to you, then you have not much to that theater, of course,” she says in The Morning.

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