Kevin Hart pulls him back to host Oscars

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Wednesday afternoon was comedian Kevin Hart announced as the host for the 91st edition of the Oscars. Less than two days later, after a storm of criticism because of past statements about the LGBTQ community, he announced that he retires.

The statements that Heart ultimately fatal were dating ten years ago.

In the first instance, tried the comedian, the case is still to be done with a Instagram video, but to shoot his goal past.

“My team told me that everyone is appalled by the tweets that several years ago, I had written,” according to Hart. “Man, I’m almost 40 years old. If you do not believe that people change as they get older, then I dont know what I can say. If you have people in a situation you want to bring that they constantly have to answer for the past, then I am the wrong person.”

A lot of people saw this message, if only more fuel to the fire. Several hours handed Heart a new video, in which he told about the ultimatum that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – the organisation behind the Oscars – he had imposed: either you can offer your apologies to either find a different host.

“I thanked for the requirement to apologise,” he said. “This this is because I have given in the past already several times have been addressed. I’m not going to me endlessly to apologize for things that in the past took place, while I am now a totally different person.”

Also this message was, however, not resented. Two hours later came the verdict. On Twitter showed the 39-year-old comedian know that he retired as host, after he had finally been apologies offered.

“I have decided to get me to withdraw as host for the Oscars,” wrote Heart. “This is because I am not in the spotlight want to be at an event where talented artists of all attention to earn. I apologize at this also with the LGBTQ community for my callous comments from the past. I am sorry people have hurt you. I am a different person today. My goal is to get people to unite together and not apart.”

The Academy must now look for a new host. That will be no easy quest, since the announcement of Heart on december 5, came reasonably late in comparison with the previous years.

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