Jon Karthaus working on new Costa-film

3852774c9aed15509b711326bbba9fb0 - Jon Karthaus working on new Costa-film

Georgina Verbaan and Katja Schuurman.

About the exact content of the new film, the production company have nothing to say. “The project is still in its infancy,” says a spokesman. “But we are very seriously working on it.” It is not clear when the new Costa in the cinemas.

Costa! from 2001 is a milestone in the Dutch film history. The comedy by Johan Nijenhuis about a group of young people who two weeks holiday in Salou, it attracted 700,000 visitors and spoke to a young audience that the Dutch film not managed to find. The leading roles were played by Georgina Verbaan, Katja Schuurman, Daan Schuurmans, Kurt Rogiers and Michiel Huisman. For almost all actors, it was the first major role in a feature film.


After the movie Costa! there followed a series of four seasons ran at BNN. Director Nijenhuis worked also for some time a prequel which takes place during the krakersrellen in the eighties, would play. But this project never came of the ground.

Jon Karthaus broke through with his starring role in the Zoop-series and movies of Nijenhuis. He concentrates the last few years mostly on directing, and made, among others, the comedies Homies and Bella Donna’s.

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