’Guerrillatechniek’ yellow bibs: bombs, billiard balls and buggies

26f4c6d9e861c477efd0d9501a210509 - ’Guerrillatechniek’ yellow bibs: bombs, billiard balls and buggies

BRUSSELS – Belgian ’yellow shirts’ threaten Saturday in Brussels to demonstrate with homemade bombs, billiard balls and all sorts of ’guerrillatechnieken’.

Two politiebusjes went Saturday up in flames during a protest by the yellow shirts in Brussels.

Yellow bibs do on social media will reveal how they are on a clash with the police can prepare, writes the Newspaper. A politieleger of a thousand man strong will the protesters Saturday in the capital of the southern neighbours in check.

“We absolutely want states like last week, avoid. If they thousand, for every yellow jacket of a policeman ready”, says a source in the police. Last Friday was a spontaneous demonstration of yellow vests in Brussels completely out of hand. There were riots and fires.

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The protesters give each other tips on how to use the security services á la the guerrilla to engage, for example, with homemade vuurwerkbommen and billiard balls. Also online are already routes in the inner city of Brussels to consult.

The bombs are to make a bus hairspray or deo to a piece of fireworks. Furthermore, there are calls to buggies with dolls to take to the police to comfort her. And: pull the yellow jacket to the muster station.

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