“Girl” gets fierce criticism in the US: “Traumatic for transpersonen”

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“Girl”, the feature film debut of Lukas Dhont, is not universally accepted with applause. In the United States has a leading holebimagazine fiercely against the nomination of the film for a Golden Globe pronounced. According to the magazine, OUT give “Girl” a very one-sided picture of transgender people and focus the film primarily on the physical aspect of the gender reassignment of Lara, the main character.

Columnist Tre’vell Anderson, who identifies as transvrouw, denounces the fact that both director and screenwriter, Lukas Dhont, co-writer Angelo Tijssens as protagonist Victor Pad is not transgender but cisgenders. Cisgenders, or people whose gender identity matches the biological sex which they are born, according to Anderson’s very difficult to empathize with the emotions and feelings of a transgender person.

In addition, the columnist offended by the way in which director Dhont “in many scenes the camera focuses on the genitalia of Lara”. She believes that the humanity of the character disappears by focusing on the physical aspect of Lara’s transition. “We see time and time again, in extreme detail, how Lara her penis between her legs stops with adhesive tape. That way disappears every artistic element that the film would have”, sounds.

What Anderson is still the most disturbing is one of the last scenes of the movie (caution: spoilers follow).

In one of the final scenes injures Lara herself in a horrible way. According to the columnist gives the filmmaker a bad signal to children and young people who, with their gender struggle. Anderson decides that a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the film industry to the lives of transgender people in a right way in the picture. “Here, there are lives at stake,” she says.

Filmmaker Lukas Dhont has not yet responded to the criticism of the magazine, but in an earlier interview with the filmmagazine Deadline he acknowledges that the main role is played by someone who is not transgender. He is also aware of the range of reactions that this film will provoke. “I know that this film difficult is for a part of the transgendergemeenschap”, sounds. Dhondt says that he is open to dialogue with the transgendergemeenschap and no taboos to avoid. “Then I learn as a man, something at which I, hopefully, a better director will be.”

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