German raid against illegal fireworks

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COLOGNE – The German customs and police, in consultation with Polish and Dutch colleagues, a national campaign carried out against the online trade in illegal fireworks. During the operation, 57 persons were arrested. That the Public Prosecutor in Cologne Friday is communicated.

The raids took place in the regions Berlin-Brandenburg, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. A total of 53 dwellings and warehouses searched. In addition, the 27,000 pieces of fireworks, and 315 kilograms of explosives seized.

The stuff was without licence imported from Poland and fell according to the authorities in the highest class of the German springstofwet. One part was destined for the Dutch market. Thursday was already known that the Dutch police about two thousand buyers of illegal Polish fireworks in the visor.


In Bad Berleburg (North rhine-Westphalia) were seven buildings vacated where multiple families lived. In the immediate vicinity was the explosive material was found that is not without risk, could be disposed of. It is on the spot to blast.

Also, 74 packages with extremely heavy kanonslagen intercepted at a bezorgingsdienst. The content was “absolutely life-threatening,” said a spokesman. “The buyers have no idea where they are on top of things.” In different places were also by-catches made in the form of fighting knives, pistols and drugs.

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