’Fuss christmas hit guilt of Bill Cosby’

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Earlier in the week, a radio station in Ohio known for the song not to run, because the text would go about sexually inappropriate behavior. In the song, a man tries to a woman to persuade to stay with him. They are asking themselves, in doing so, wonder what is in her drink.

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“Bill Cosby has the to anyone ruined,” said Susan. “After he’s been accused to have women drugged, began suddenly everyone about date rape in the song.” Cosby was earlier this year convicted for the drugging and abuse of a woman. Dozens of others say the comedian them without their knowledge of drugs has given.


According to Susan would make her father furious about that link with his work. “In the past, people said ‘what’s in this drink?’ as a joke, as they noticed that she was under the influence were. But it suggested they do not believe that someone there are drugs in had done.”

Frank Loesser wrote Baby It’s Cold Outside for it together with his wife to perform at parties. He sold the song later in movie studio MGM, which used it in the film Neptune’s Daughter in 1949. This won Loesser in 1950 an Oscar for the song.

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