French angry at police that students had to kneel with the hands in the neck

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The French are upset about the police action against protesting students. 153 students from a high school in Mantes-La-Jolie, an hour’s drive from Paris, had of the police to kneel and put their hands above their head or behind their back.

The police arrested the students Thursday jam in response to their protest against educational reforms in France. According to the French minister of the Interior, there would be violent conflicts with the police, which a group of 122 young people in custody was taken. According to the minister would be dozens of young poles, baseball bats and tear gas have had. According to Raphael Cognet, the mayor of Mantes-la-Jolie, have the students the right to protest but condemned the violence.

Students in some 280 lycée in France protested Thursday again following in the footsteps of the ‘yellow vests’. A large problem, and opportunity, for the students is Parcoursup, a system that determines which university the students are allowed to study. The software is not yet working properly, some bad blood along with the young people.

While the students were filmed says the filmmaker, ” this is a good class’. It is unclear who the movie has made.

On social media the actions of the agents convicted. Benoit Hamon, a former minister of Education, wrote, ” This is not the Republic. The French youth was humiliated’. The French politicu Clementin Autain finds it ‘frightening’ and ‘inaanvaardbaar from a human and democratic point of view?

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