First roll of film for Steph Goossens

123282e26cc42009a13f3465cf1bbb4f - First roll of film for Steph Goossens

On his 52nd has Steph Goossens finally got his first film roll bite. In my Colleagues 2.0 Jan Verheyen him the opportunity he’s been waiting for. But the former Home actor forced it yourself: after the death of friend and actor, Marc Van Eeghem he went to knock on every Flemish director for work. “When I was at Marc’s funeral outside walked in, I knew that it now had to be done,” he says in het Nieuwsblad. Around Christmas I sent every Flemish director a text message to say that I go back to work wanted to.” Again remained calm. The second new year’s day. “Because nobody responded, I decided myself to call. I had Jan Verheyen had never met, but he was first on my list. Jan took immediately and said that he made the same afternoon, the plan was for me to call. That text “you was brave,” he said. Few dare to that. So I was allowed to audition for the role of Benny in The Colleagues. Many actors alike, competed for that job, but eventually I got him.”

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