Excelsior-coach Poldervaart: ’PSV is much too stable’

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Adrie Poldervaart

Feyenoord put PSV from the first whistle with the back against the wall. “That has Feyenoord in particular, the first half is very well done, they have the type of players for that,” says Excelsior-trainer Adrie Poldervaart, who does not think that the PSV-train since the station of Rotterdam-South with a big failure. “They are much too stable for and for that, they have too much quality. Whether or not Champions League have played, they are always there. It is already a very eager team, the nasty taste will want to wash it away.”

Poldervaart and his team were earlier this season with a 1-7 of the field swept by Ajax. In Eindhoven, you need to that is otherwise against the other titelkandidaat. Excelsior plays this season tend to be more attractive than in previous years. When could lean on a solid defense. The rear board of this year, that of The County, most tegentreffers of the whole Eredivisie collected (35 to 34). “But you put all of the goals next to each other, then there is no causal link with the way of playing”, notes Poldervaart, who is with the injured Jerdy Schouten is a major force on his society is missing.

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