EU countries want more power to law enforcement agencies

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BRUSSELS – prosecution authorities from EU countries get permission to digital evidence in criminal cases directly to questions in other member states without the intervention of justice in that country.

Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security (r).

The EU-ministers of justice have since Friday, the majority agreed, despite opposition from minister Ferd Grapperhaus, his German counterpart and five other ministers. Grapperhaus brought his “serious concerns” about and supported the proposal.

Internet businesses where having a user data request are obliged within ten days, or in emergencies within six hours, the requested electronic data to deliver. Proponents deem necessary to, for example, terrorism.

It may, for example, mail-, Twitter – and Whatsappberichten or how to find an IP address. Isps that do not cooperate can be fined up to 2 percent of their annual turnover.


The netherlands shares the “undeniable need” for smoother exchange of information, but finds that in this proposal, the rights of suspects or other involved cannot be sufficiently ensured. Grapperhaus will in any case be informed if a company in the Netherlands is required data transfer, but that is in the proposal is not binding regularly. The proponents find that EU-countries are mutually trusting.

Grapperhaus said last week in the Second Room that some countries are so “bold” action that they are the rule of law plow. The parliament showed itself still more concerned, and supported his resistance.

If the European Parliament is also a position, with the member states will have to negotiate the final law. The seven countries who have opposed his hope that the proposal is amended.

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