Envelope with complaints about Bart De Pauw remains sealed

6a22fd2650c69e973f11b796f5e647bc - Envelope with complaints about Bart De Pauw remains sealed

The envelope with complaints about the behaviour of a television producer Bart De Pauw by the safety officer of the VRT were collected, it remains (for now) sealed. The Antwerp chamber of incrimination wants to go through a separate procedure, all parties to hear before making a final decision.

Bart De Pauw was on 9 november last year with a video message to the outside, in which he reported that the VRT the cooperation had stopped. There were anonymous reports had been received about inappropriate behavior from him. He stressed that it is not about physical assaults, but rather to flirty text messages.

Two days later there was a search conducted in the premises of the VRT. There was a sealed envelope and taken containing testimonies of women who are in the behavior of The Peacock complained had the safety officer.

The lawyer of the television interviewer asked a few weeks ago to the investigating judge to which folders to view. The VRT resistance against it because the content under the professional secrecy of the prevention advisor.

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