Drake and Minaj unfollow each other on Instagram

f938cc5b6d97065892b71dc1085855f6 - Drake and Minaj unfollow each other on Instagram

Nicki Minaj

The careers of Drake and Nicki Minaj were closely connected with each other. They broke ten years ago, around the same time and under the same record label, that of rapper Lil Wayne. They performed often together and made music together. But the last few years, they grew apart.

Already in 2013 showed Drake in his song Tuscan Leather know not more with Nicki to talk. Two years later, the Canadian rapper big fight with Meek Mill, the former sweetheart of Minaj. Last summer was the rapper her colleague ridiculous in her hit Barbie Dreams. Shortly thereafter, buried Drake burying the hatchet with Meek Mill.

It is unclear why the two together, especially now, have ontvolgd.

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