Dennis Weening presents Ink Master

9ce875c4c73ade0929a2b653477cbbeb - Dennis Weening presents Ink Master

To see how tough Dennis was, he was challenged a tattoo to put in rough conditions. “They thought, let Dennis Weening in a speedboat to stop on a wild sea and then tattooed. Great idea so I said right yes of course”, he laughs. “I thought it was pretty funny.”

Dennis chose to be a skull to immortalize on his body. And despite the difficult situation, he is still very pleased with his tattoo. “It is very tightly done. Given the circumstances, it is actually a very bold tattoo. So I am very happy with it.”

Weening is the ’good’ in order to get started for Spike. “I watch it always and I am crazy about tattoos, so this was a great opportunity that I could not pass up,” he explains. The Shop Wars is a spin-off of the American version. Herein take tattooshops against each other instead of individual artists. The show is from 18 February year on Spike.

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