Den Bosch at the last minute along ten man NEC

dfb62261251b1bfe62bdc14ffbaa29b8 - Den Bosch at the last minute along ten man NEC

Jort van der Sande (archive view), in the final leg for the winning hit.

The formation of coach Willy Boessen won by a goal in the slotminuten in the private Vliert, NEC, 3-2. The Nijmegenaren of trainer Jack de Gier played the second half with a man less.

Joey van den Berg was in extra time of the first part the red card at 1-1. By Brahim Darri was NEC then also still on the lead but Danny Verbeek made the 2-2. Jort van der Sande then made the liberating hit for the people from the netherlands.

High Score Sparta

Sparta Rotterdam and Go Ahead Eagles continue to Den Bosch at one point to follow. Sparta defeated at the Castle of Almere City with a whopping 6-1. Lars Veldwijk scored three times. Go Ahead Eagles defeated in the Adelaarshorst Helmond Sport, 1-0. Istvan Bakx was the man of the goal.

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