Dave and Donny let the dream come true

8aac917d1e8b58c94759dbafbafe7874 - Dave and Donny let the dream come true

Beau Sahetapy and her three friends have but one desire: skiing with the handsome Dave and Donny Roelvink. The ladies have never been on skis stood and want to make this the greatest desire for the first time with Dave and Donny try. Djs Coen and Sander decided Beau and her friends the afternoon of their lives and enlisted the help of Dave and Donny.

“I’m here with my brother!”, calls Dave enthusiastically on his Insta Stories, while he is on the ski-slopes with the four lucky ladies behind him. And also Donny puts filpmjes on Stories that show how he floundering of the piste. It is, therefore, the question of whether the four friends really have something learned…

Fortunately, there was also a real instructor present for when it really went wrong.

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