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Coach Erwin Lemmens will leave at Lokeren: “Unworkable situation”

8596a6de3bbd0819d3975d7fe5bf997d - Coach Erwin Lemmens will leave at Lokeren: “Unworkable situation”

Erwin Lemmens, goalkeeper coach at Sporting Lokeren and the Red Devils get on at Sporting Lokeren. He can no longer find in the cooperation with the new technical staff around head coach Trond Sollied.

“At the request of the chairman, I have six weeks tried, but my conclusion is that we have to an unworkable situation had come”, says Lemmens. “As a coach you need to be in a team able to work with the rest of the technical staff and that it was no longer possible. That is why I decide to resign at Lokeren. That happens in the best outcome. Tomorrow I’m going to still personally to the president along to a good way to say goodbye.”

Lemmens came along with Peter Maes in 2015 with Lokeren. He is also coach of the national team. “Roberto Martinez had offered myself full-time for the Red Devils to work, but I’m someone who’d rather be on the field. Therefore, I’m looking for a new challenge. All I want right now everything at a glance.” As a former coach of Espanyol, has Lemmens also good contacts in Spain, but he would be first in Belgium to look forward to something new.

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