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Chantal Pattyn stops as cultuurmanager of the VRT

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After only two years, depends Chantal Pattyn its function as a cultuurmanager of the VRT on the hook. She would say concentrate on Klara and the digital plan of the radionet.

Pattyn is in addition to cultuurmanager also network manager of Klara and she presents herself to the art program, Pompidou on that transmitter.

In a press release allows the VRT to know that Klara more and more success with its digital initiatives, such as the podcasts of The sun king, the web sequences Daily art and From A to Z on VRT Now.

In January, new digital initiatives in the arts programme, Pompidou launched. “It is wonderful to see how quickly Klara digital catches on,” says Pattyn in a short response.

“Our podcasts are each week to the most downloaded, this week they were number 1 and 3. From A to Z is highly appreciated as in-depth webreeks on VRT Now. Nethoofd of Klara, presenter and cultuurmanager: that’s a lot of commands. Therefore, I would choose and my full attention to Klara, especially in the context of the digital story that from January, we will begin to roll out, starting with the art program, Pompidou. That is a very challenging process where I with full enthusiasm in want to fly.’

Earlier, she had been in interviews indicated that the three features (present, nethoofd of Klara, and cultuurmanager of the VRT) put together a pretty solid combination.

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