Buck, a new comedyreeks on Ketnet

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A new, sustainably-produced fiction series from the creators of W817. From Monday, december 10, on Ketnet!

From Monday 10 december will start on Ketnet Buck, a series of the creators of W817.

Buck is a comedy of Douglas Bosswell with Ini Massez, Ina De Winne, Bram Spooren and Robbert Vervloet. Buck is also the first Teen-series with an e-mission, which is to say that the series is very long-lasting has been produced.

The story

In this ‘coming of age’ story, we follow the inconspicuous and uncertain Elias (Bram Spooren) who is struggling with his life as a teenager. He finds distraction in a video game, in which the digital hero, commander Buck, him never leave you alone. If he plays he does nothing to attract his sisters, Laura and Hanne, bully, Dylan, his mother, the new school… the world. In his room bothers no one. Until one day, no one less than a Buck (Robbert Vervloet) in the flesh to his bed.

Robbert Vervloet: “A character like Buck are allowed to play is really a gift as an actor. Buck needs all the simple things out of life learn, what makes that you can start with a blank sheet. As an outsider, makes Buck that characters in the series to some unexpected insights.”

Green production of Ketnet

Buck is a series with a e-mission, an award of the VAF for movies or series that are particularly durable were produced. VRT wants more than ever to progress in the framework of the objectives in the field of sustainable development. This fiction series will VRT sustainability explicitly on the map. Dankwzj efforts in the areas of energy, waste and CO2 reduction, is this series in a most sustainable way possible is produced.

Buck of The Game: discover the world of Buck in an innovative game

In Buck, The Game, free available as an app for tablet and smartphone, you’ll discover what there are by now happening on Malmek. You shall enter there as a player to the renowned Orion academy and helps your friends Jim and drone C2PE to the secrets of the planet to unravel. While you are with your own avatar and the different 3D worlds to explore, solve challenging puzzles with the main purpose of general Lankey and his Karpianen to beat. If that is the case, you are the new leader of the Orion academy!

This unique game, which ties in closely with the Teen-series, is also playable in augmented reality. With the printable ‘marker’ transform your the worlds appears in your own environment and you make the discovery even more fascinating. Ketnet offers a unique experience and makes this type of innovative technology widely accessible to children.

Buck: from Monday to Thursday around 17.30 hours on Ketnet.

Not at home? You can Buck recording with Proximus TV or live with your laptop, tablet or smartphone on

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