British millionaire’s daughter went missing in New Zealand

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Auckland – The 22-year-old British millionaire’s daughter Grace Millane since december 1, disappeared without a trace in New Zealand. The occasion for her father to have an emotional call to do to help find her.

Grace Millane

Millane was last seen in a four-star hotel in Auckland, so report various New Zealand media. When she was together with a man, reported the local police. This man has now been heard by the police but is not suspected of any involvement in her disappearance.

Her father, David Millane, a vastgoedmiljonair, was in tears a call: “Grace is a great, outgoing daughter with a big heart for her family. I want everyone in the last few days to contact her, call to report to the research team.”

They had just six weeks to travel around the world, that a year would last. Her family got suspicious when she last Sunday did not respond to congratulations for her birthday. The police has a serious concern about her situation.

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