Boca will get zero response and must be finale to ’just’ play

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Carlos Tevez is preparing with his teammates in Spain for the Superclasico.

The South American football federation Conmebol has the request of the Argentine club also dismissed. The ruling means that the two aartsrivalen from Buenos Aires Sunday in Madrid to the South American championship games.


Boca wants the winner to be declared after the serious disturbances prior to the eventually cancelled the return of the “Superclasico” on Sunday 25 november. Hooligans of River Plate bekogelden the team bus of Boca Juniors, where several players were injured.

It was the second cancellation of the finals and to prevent violence decided the Conmebol the final outside of Argentina to play and chose Madrid. More than 2,500 Spanish agents are Sunday ready to race without problems smoothly.

The first duel between the aartsrivalen was in 2-2 finished. The champion of South America will later this month participate in the world cup for clubs.

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