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Binance Features due to the increasing large investors

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Binance brings new Features due to the increasing interest of institutional investors

Home News Binance brings new Features due to the increasing interest of institutional investors

Marcus Misiak –

Although the rates of almost all Kryptwährungen continue to show a strong downward trend, there is an increasing interest of institutional investors in the crypto market. Binance has accepted the increasing demand and brings new features that are specially tailored for businesses with multiple Accounts.

The persistent negative trend which has moved many investors to Panic selling, or at least to a retreat from the crypto market. In contrast, Binance has been a few hours ago announced that they will expand the feature set for business users. This was necessary because the demand from the warehouse institution of institutional investors increases greatly.

Binance indicates that the new Sub-Accounts-Features, institutional investors, improved control – and Asset-will provide the Tools to open it up allows for up to 200 trading accounts within a Central balance of payments. Wei Zhou, CFO of Binance takes (freely translated):

We see an influx of institutional accounts in the world, and expect that the institutional demand will recover in the coming months. One of our priorities is the provision of a platform that meets the needs of these customers and other end users.

In July Binance introduced staggered Rabette for trading fees, in order to create incentives for institutional investors. In this case, each stage of 30 days is influenced by trading volume of the respective account holder and the current account balance of the Binance Coins. The VIP rebates are calculated for corporate users on an aggregate Basis and on all sub-accounts are distributed.

To get to benefit from the new Features, you must be at least the verification level 3 or higher is achieved. Binance wants to.thus, the long-awaited Revealing of institutional investors, take, the is seen as a great hope that the bulls return to the market

Recently Binance, presented a new promotional film to its decentralized stock exchange that highlights the new functionalities of the platform. As a possible Einführungsdatem the first quarter of the year 2019 is specified. A Central role within this Ecosystem will play the in-house crypto-currency, the Binance Coin.

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