Beau van Erven Dorens and Monique van de Ven having lunch with monarchs

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The invitees recently received a prize or other award for their performance in a variety of sectors such as arts and culture, media, science, sport and business. The king and queen want with the lunch their appreciation for “the people who have an exceptional achievement.”

Van Erven Dorens won in October, the Golden Televizier Ring for his program, Beau Five Days Inside, and the Silver Televizier-star for best presenter. Winners of the ‘ Lifetime Achievement Award Jochem Fluitsma and Eric van Tijn sheaves, as well as winner of an Edison Award for Peter Kops, also known as Extince. Wesley Sneijder, who earlier this year the golden shoe with diamond got, should also have lunch with the king and queen. That was also true for actress Monique van de Ven, who in October on behalf of the board of the Nederlands Film Festival Golden Calf for the film culture was, and wereldtitelhouder kickboxing in the heavyweight Rico Verhoeven.

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