Bart De Pauw will have no names

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Bart De Pauw will, for now, the names of the persons who have him have complained to the health and safety department of the VRT. There first follows a procedure whereby persons concerned to be heard, then and only then, will there be a final judgment.
The VRT takes cognizance of the judgment of the Chamber of Incrimination of Antwerp, where the Room, following the reasoning of the VRT, indicating that the documents of a security consultant can indeed enjoy the privilege. Any ontzegeling of these pieces would be an irregularity and breach of professional confidentiality.

The VRT understands that the Chamber of Incrimination all other stakeholders want to hear before making a final decision. So to keep all parties of their right to defense. To the serenity of the debate to keep it, will the VRT be no further communication on this matter.

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