AZ repacked at Fortuna

58986eabd377a150f79522ae61747b09 - AZ repacked at Fortuna

Mats Seuntjens runs cheering away after the 0-1.

The team from Alkmaar owed the victory to vleugelaanvaller Oussama Idrissi. He delivered the first ball in the 1-0 by Mats Seuntjens and made the second hit. Guus Lift ended the night in Sittard with a beautiful goal.

In contrast to what the result suggests, it was Fortuna certainly not hopeless. The People had a large part of the contest veldoverwicht. Fortuna knew themselves despite a lot of possibilities to reward.

After 11 minutes, scored the visitors though. At a quick outbreak of AZ drew Idrissi the ball for the goal, and then Mats Seuntjens intikte.

The players of AZ, to celebrate the opening goal.

Just after peace had Lazaros Lamprou the final measure. The German attacker slid to the ball that passes in front of the goal rolled. Lamprou missed the ball completely.

While Fortuna continued to burn on the purpose of AZ, was the Idrissi with looking at shot distance, the 2-0 made. Lift shot, then twenty feet in the intersection, causing AZ with great pleasure the long journey back to Alkmaar.

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The victory ensures AZ sure that Fortuna is not on the same height. AZ has after fifteen matches, six points more than the club from Sittard, which is sixteen points.

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