At least twelve dead in attempted resorted to bank robbery

MILAGRES – a attempt two banks in the Brazilian Milagres to rob, Friday, at least twelve deaths, among them a family of three children. Local media reported that in a shootout between the robbers which six people hostage had taken all the hostages and the perpetrators are killed.

Archive view.

Media in the state of Ceará reported that a heavily armed gang in the night from Thursday to Friday with a looted truck, a road at Milagres blocked. They took some people from passing cars hostage. The gang attracted with six hostages to two banks in Milagres, but came in the place there on the police. There followed a firefight of 20 minutes that the panic induced in the place. None of the hostages or the perpetrators have, according to the media survived.

The authorities have, according to Brazilian media have still not spoken about the extent of the massacre. Milagres is located in the northeast of the country, about 450 kilometers south of Fortaleza, capital of Ceará.

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