At Hag: ’Frenkie spoke all French’

e86ab3e7f142e31061b2bada205f5348 - At Hag: ’Frenkie spoke all French’

Frenkie de Jong and coach Erik ten Hag

The Ajax midfielder is well on the way to the French Paris Saint-Germain, that is willing to € 75 million down to count. At Hag dodged questions about it competently. “I think that everyone knows that the top five of Europe behind several players from us, which they have in their minds. I know that the cliché sounds, but we are busy with competitions. Frenkie also. The match against PEC is a heavy for us, so that we focus on.”

The coach acknowledged that he is The Young age already has spoken after the news became known. “Frenkie could already speak French,” joked At the Hag. “I also: ça va. What I think of PSG? It is definitely a very nice club, but there are also lots of other good clubs. Each player must be personal choice. I think that both the English and French leagues spicy and heavy. Certainly in terms of physical strength.”

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