Ariana Grande receives Women of the Year award

d8095db998b8a9ccb2711965a00229ff - Ariana Grande receives Women of the Year award

“I find it interesting that this is one of the best years of my career, and the worst in my life,” said the singer, that her tears seemed to swallow. In september the death of her ex, rapper Mac Miller, to a drug overdose. Also loved her engagement with Pete Davidson, but a few months made them known to suffer from PTSD as a result of the bombing after her concert in Manchester. “Many people look to the position where I now seem to be as an artist and think: has it really for each other, they sit on top of it. And that is also true, but in my personal life, I have no idea what I’m doing.”

The 25-year-old shared the stage with a message to her fans. “This is a very confusing time, and I want to say here that if you are someone for whom the future is unclear seems to be, that you are not alone there.” Ariana spoke to hope for themselves for the future. “I look forward to the love and forgiveness that I have in the past, so easy to men, this coming year to myself.”

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