Ariana Grande: “2018 was both my best as worst year ever”

40d5f7b242364ddb87fa9fee4a1207fe - Ariana Grande: "2018 was both my best as worst year ever"

Yesterday evening if the 25-year-old singer’s ‘Billboard’s Woman of the Year’ award. In her speech, she had about the best year in her career, but also the hardest on privévlak.

The singer struggled to keep it dry, when they are about her tumultuous year, including the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, had.

“It is at the same time, one of the best years of my career and one of the worst of my life,” says Grande. “I do not say this to pity to excite, but because a lot of people probably think that I have everything in a row now have I as successfully am. And on the one hand, true that indeed. But if it privévlak arrive, I honestly have no idea what I’m doing.”

So broke the singer in may with Miller, after a relationship of two years. Shortly thereafter, she began a stormy relationship with Pete Davidson. Who walked on the cliffs in October, in the aftermath of the death of Miller.

“I just want to let you know that you are not alone, if you have no idea what direction your life will go on,” says Grande, who’s tears felt to arise.

The singer, he also shared the lessons they from 2018 has been drawn and will take to the future.

“I look forward to learning a bit of the love that I so easily to others have given for myself to keep. I have everything I ever dreamed of and yet, they are the things and the people who are always been there are those who make me the happiest.”

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