Alan Parsons is coming to our country

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On may 2, 2019, Alan Parsons, in the AB “Alan Parsons Live Project”. Together with a well-oiled band will be Alan that night all the hits of The Alan Parsons Project to breathe new life into.
Alan Parsons began his career as a muziektechnicus with legendary albums such as ‘Abbey Road’ (The Beatles), ‘Let it be’ (The Beatles), “Wild Life” (Wings), ‘Red Rose Speedway’ (Wings), ‘Year of the Cat” (Al Stewart) and ” Dark Side of The Moon’ (Pink Floyd). In 1975, decided Alan to a new invitation by Pink Floyd (‘Wish You Were Here’ help?) to save. He founded -together with Eric Woolfson – The Alan Parsons Project and the rest is history.

They scored monsterhits and eternal fame with songs like ” Eye In The Sky’, ‘Sirius’, ‘Don’t Answer Me’, ‘Games People Play’, ‘Old and Wise’, ‘Time’, ‘Prime Time’, ‘I Robot’ and ‘Standing on Higher Ground’. During their commercial heyday trading they never live on.
From 1999 plays Alan Parsons, the many hits live audiences. In 2017 appeared the “35th Anniversary edition” of their masterpiece “Eye In The Sky” from 1982. A concept album with a vision of the future concerning art, religion, politics, and culture in the twenty-first century.

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