Aged Japan wants hundreds of thousands of migrant workers

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TOKYO – The Japanese government will in the coming years, hundreds of thousands of new migrant workers to attract. That must be the growing staff shortages in the greyish country to slow down messages in Japanese media.

A woman in Tokyo is a shopping street.

Japan is known for strict immigration laws, but is also suffering a declining population. The upper house of the Japanese parliament bows Friday over a controversial bill that should help to make the next five years, more than 345.000 new foreign workers. The proposal introduces new types of visas for foreign workers.

Government officials warn that the staff shortages in sectors such as construction in the coming years will only continue to increase. In the fiscal year 2019 are expected to be at 600,000 vacancies. That runs in the years thereafter, probably to about 1.35 million.

The opposition, however, is not enthusiastic about the proposed solution of the government of prime minister shinzo Abe. Critics call the proposal vague and complain that it is too fast in each other.

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