Again, ex-leader of UKIP left to Robinson

01bf053cd7329e6ad9b8e321f736ebe4 - Again, ex-leader of UKIP left to Robinson

LONDON – The British eurosceptic party UKIP, has again a prominent member lost. Mep and former party leader Paul Nuttall will his party back because the controversial right-wing activist Tommy Robinson has been hired as a consultant, message Sky News.

Paul Nuttall, during a press conference at which he are departure to announce.

Earlier told also partijprominent Nigel Farage his membership on dissatisfaction with the current course.

Nuttall says in a statement to regret that the day has come. “I’m leaving because the party in one direction is conducted, which according to me is detrimental to the brexit”, he says. “Many moderate brexit-voters will be disgusted by the cooperation with Tommy Robinson.”

The politician says his seat in the European parliament not to give up.


Robinson should according to the rules of the party not a member because he was previously affiliated with the far-right English Defence League, but is attracted to UKIP-leader Gerard Batten to advise.

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Farage accused of Batten in a column, and an “obsession” with Robinson and “fixation” on islam. He stated that Robinson was “totally unfit to be involved in any political party.”

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