Additional concert Bart Peeters in Lotto Arena

a41dabcaa9d83aad99d12a73d4e367d4 - Additional concert Bart Peeters in Lotto Arena

Last Wednesday went to the ticket sales start for the two announced the concerts of Bart Peeters – Deluxe in Lotto Arena on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 november 2019. After 10 minutes there were already 8.000 tickets were sold.

Artist and organizers were overwhelmed by the interest. The crowds on the websites of the venue and the ticket seller was comparable to that of the largest concerts in the antwerp Sportpaleis. Meanwhile, it was also a waiting list open with the striking pressure applied.

“I have never previously occurred in an arena and knew not to which to me to expect. The overwhelming interest and comments provide so much heat that it is almost criminal, would be to the people in addition to a ticket fingering to disappoint. We are so happy that we have an extra concert may announce on Wednesday 27 november 2019″, says Bart Peeters. ‘One and other makes of course for an extra healthy touch, because I can feel it now that the expectations of the ticketkopers very high. We will be in the elaboration of the concerts, so a tiny nudge bijsteken and make for an unforgettable Deluxe party.”

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