60.000 gendarmen be in France to play during the protest yellow vests

9f8bb78c6118699dd46602a63ed211d7 - 60.000 gendarmen be in France to play during the protest yellow vests

In France will be Saturday an ‘unseen’ enacting of the gendarmerie to be used for the day of action of the ‘yellow vests’. Will be a total of 89.000 agents and gendarmen be used in the whole of France.

‘Tomorrow will be 106 armor of the 109 on the whole territory used to be, ” says the director general of the national gendarmerie, Richard Lizurey. “There is no precedent of that size. The previous operations have led to the use of 90 armor.’

He argued that the situation is exceptional. ‘That makes that overall, up to 60,000 gendarmen will be responsible for the management of the event’, says Lizurey. During the previous day of action on 1 december, with the protests in Paris ontaardden in violence, were around 35.000-37.000 gendarmen used as the reinforcement of the elitepolitiediensten GIGN.

The French prime minister had already announced that twelve armored vehicles of the gendarmerie will be deployed in the French capital. In total 89.000 agents and gendarmen deployed Saturday in France, of them alone, 8,000 in Paris. According to Lizurey, it is intended that the armoured vehicles are responsible for protection against projectiles, molotov cocktails and pétanqueballen’.

According to the prosecutor of Paris, Rémy Heitz, the necessary progress so that agents the identity of the protesters can check. ‘They arrive in a station, and can be made through the claims been tested of their personal belongings, allowing their bags to open, ” says the attorney. “So we have people able to identify with weapons came, or equipment which has the intention to show that they to violence, want to participate.’ In such cases, can the protesters be arrested.

“It is our duty to our response to adjust, so the sense of impunity reduces and justice can take place,” he said.

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