30 molotov cocktails at the roundabout ’yellow vests’

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MONTAUBAN – The police on a roundabout in the South of france, Montauban, where ’cardigans jaunes’ (yellow bibs) on Saturday to argue, almost thirty molotov cocktails and three bombs found. The Public Ministry has announced the discovery Friday morning leads to an investigation into very serious crimes. The authorities in Montauban fear “violent outbursts” at the protests Saturday.

It is the fourth national day of action of the spontaneous movement ’cardigans jaunes’. That was in October in social media as a result of the increasingly expensive gasoline and diesel. According to the government, must therefore emissions of harmful substances are limited. According to the ’yellow vests’ it is a series of taxes and levies that French people with low incomes can no longer pay.

Adjustment, no delay

The government has to increasingly violent unrest to avert the price increases Wednesday shelved. Premier Edouard Philippe said Wednesday that the trigger have been suspended.

That led to howls of derision among the ’cardigans jaunes’, which clearly made no delay, but setting to want. Employees of president Emmanuel Macron “improved” later on the prime minister to stress that the brandstofprijsverhoging “completely cancelled”.

Anst large

The fear that the discontent, nevertheless, completely out of hand, it is in the whole of France is great. The yellow bibs are not only angry about the price of fuel, but like all of Macron and his policies.

When the street protests close, also more and more representatives of professional groups who, for various reasons, are angry, such as ambulancechauffeurs, nurses, vrachtrijders and farmers. In addition, it is feared that large numbers of rioters and vandals.

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