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‘Yellow bibs’ to send the Ligue 1 all the way in the war: all five matches moved

The match between Angers and Bordeaux, Saturday, on the seventeenth day of the French Ligue 1, will not continue. The French prof league (LFP) has the party on the question of local authorities is delayed. In total, all five parties in the French highest class of this weekend moved. The French authorities want the police to mobilize for the coming manifestations of the ‘yellow shirts’ (cardigans jaunes).

Previously the matches PSG – Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon, Monaco, Nice and Saint-Etienne – Marseille postponed to a yet to be determined time. Also for Angers – Bordeaux is still no new date fixed.

The social crisis, with as a landmark, the yellow vests, hold France for a whole month in the ban. At protests fell at least four dead and nearly 600 wounded.

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