Wesly Bronkhorst next year in AFAS Live

477942480c23b2e511c14e625b58245f - Wesly Bronkhorst next year in AFAS Live

Bronkhorst started his career in Café Bolle Jan of the family Froger. Since 2002, he performs at festivals, gala’s and corporate events. The singer is working very hard on the road. Last year he celebrated his fifteen-year-old showbiz in a sold out Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. This year, it was Wesly with Proud of you the Buma NL Award for most successful single. The song is one of the most played songs in the Dutch hospitality industry.

Wesly Bronkhorst calls it “a crowning achievement in more than fifteen years of very hard work” that he is a private concert may have to give in AFAS Live. “A dream come true! I’m going to make sure that the evening is for my fans to never be forgotten,” says Wesly in a statement.

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