Visa first sponsor European women’s football

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Orange Lionesses

Charlotte Hogg, topvrouw of Visa Europe, knows that in Europe, 21 million girls and women play football. She hopes with her company to contribute to the rapid growth of the sport. ,,We want to support and encourage you. We want girls and young women to inspire, opportunities and ensure that they are pursuing their dreams. Together with UEFA so we want to draw attention to women’s football. At Visa, we believe that there acceptance: of the football field to the boardroom.“

Visa is in the women’s football at every level focus, the Champions League and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS to the amateurs. The company also supports a campaign to ensure that soccer in Europe is the most popular sport among women and girls.

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Nadine Kessler, head of women’s football by UEFA, the sponsorship deal as a new step in the development of its favorite sport. ,,Women’s football is always enormously valuable for the football and the society in general, but now we have a new milestone for women’s football and what the sport has to offer. This cooperation demonstrates that the women’s a new place in the commercial landscape has taken.”

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