Turkish arrest warrant for journalist Dündar

dc7cf0f06ffe4f56cf08c1ba3be14a29 - Turkish arrest warrant for journalist Dündar

ISTANBUL – The Turkish justice has a warrant issued for the in Germany living journalist Can Dündar in connection with the so-called Gezi protests in 2013, around Taksim square in Istanbul.

The Germany-based journalist Can Dündar (r) during a press conference.

According to justice maintained Dündar ties with activists in the protests organized.

Can Dündar was editor-in-chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet. Against him runs another process. Justice in Turkey wants him to fifteen years behind bars because he is suspected of support for the Gulen movement which, according to Turkey behind the failed coup of July 2016.

Ankara wanted last year that Dündar on the international opsporingslijst of Interpol would be set but that did not happen. Also a request to the United States to the established Fethullah Gulen, to extradite to Turkey was not granted.

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