Tom Waes aimed by at least four intelligence services

Tom Waes aimed by at least four intelligence services

Tom Waes continues for the new seasons of Travel Waes within Europe, but that has made him not prevent a splendid series. But there are also lesser sides to the success… So is Tom Waes meanwhile, four secret services, aimed…

When Tom Waes heard that they are for the new season of Travel Waes in Europe would continue to he heard in Cologne thunders. “Is it money?” was his first thought. However, there are some very interesting locations found. Tom Waes is the controversy not out of the way. So we now know all that there is heavy criticism is going to come on the episode with the Inuit in Greenland. Tom Waes is indeed with them on a seal hunt. How do you explain that if you are ambassador of the Sea Shepherd?

Tom Waes is an ambassador of the Sea Shepherd and that is an organization all life in the sea want to protect. The presenter recognises that there is a lot of criticism will come, but wants a comment to make. Humo tells Tom Waes that Sea Shepherd especially comes up against the mass murder of seals such as when the Canadians there are hundreds at the same time doodknuppelden. In the Inuit is still different. The Inuit are very wary of the environmental file. They kill only two seals at a time and merely because there is hardly anything else to eat. It comes to an area where 1500 Inuit to live, while there are 3 million seals live. The Inuit, who Waes visits life itself is at odds with a group of Canadian Inuit who, under the guise of “tradition” to hunt whales, but immediately sell it to the Japanese. “That is not a tradition, but commerce,” said Tom Waes in Humo.

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