Tom Lenaerts lashes out at De Roover and Calvo: “Are you not ashamed?”

933986c06def6aba8b443b0f0a4f1138 - Tom Lenaerts lashes out at De Roover and Calvo: "Are you not ashamed?"

Tv-maker Tom Lenaerts last night a remarkable passage made in ‘Van Gils & guests’ on the VRT channel. “Are you not ashamed?”, as he addressed the Green-party leader Kristof Calvo and kamerfractieleider Peter De Roover (N-VA), during a debate on the UN-migratiepact.

When both of these politicians during the talk, words are exchanged about the much-debated pact, they had probably not counted on that they mostly deal would get with a bad tv-maker. That last intervened to get his frank opinions on the political “circus” surrounding the migratiepact. Lenaerts did so, moreover, in uncommonly harsh words, and put his outrage in this is not under the chairs or benches.

A few hours after a wisselmeerderheid in the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, the resolution approved the UN-migratiepact supports, were both guys at VRT are invited to come to explain. Majority party N-VA voted against, but opposition parties SP.A, Green-Ecolo and CDH voted for.

The tempers were in the studio is heated rapidly, but the heaviest criticism was only to hear when, Hopefully, the two decided to interrupt. “But boys, now wait a second. Are you not ashamed?”, came the tv-maker abruptly intervened. “I understand that politics is a game. But it may not be a circus, because it will be detrimental to our future. You guys are bad. I wind me a hard on because I have this incredibly important to me. Where are you guys doing?”, thus an audible indignant Lenaerts, who also added that he is the political news no more explains to his 15-year-old daughter.

“I am looking for committed politicians to find solutions in the form of a compromise. I have the impression that we can’t do that”, went Lenaerts further. “The way this is done is really shameful. Solve it and come back next week to say that you are better you best go do it.”

De Roover use replication, in turn, that the past few days, just to demonstrate the “commitment” of politicians – both from the majority and from the opposition. “We stand for something”, he went fully in the defense.

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