“The Colleagues 2.0” premiered in the presence of cast and VIP’s in Antwerp

c21c0aea08e5bd1766e82fa993a7388f - "The Colleagues 2.0" premiered in the presence of cast and VIP's in Antwerp

Kinepolis Antwerp is “The Colleagues 2.0”, the latest film from director Jan Verheyen, tonight premiered. In addition Verheyen itself also lives virtually the entire cast including Steve Geerts, Veerle Dobbelaere, Ben Segers and Eva van der Gucht, the display in one of the two VIP-halls, where well-known faces like Lesley-Ann Poppe, Tom Waes, Cat Kerkhofs and Carl Huybrechts is to be expected.

“The Colleagues 2.0” is based on the iconic BRT-series about the adventures and frustrations of a group of officials at a public service. The film comes 40 years after the first season of the series. It is actually the second feature film around “The Colleagues”, after “De kollega’s make the bridge” from 1988. There was now, of course, a completely new hoofdcast composed, but still-living original “Colleagues” as Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert, René Verreth and Nora Tilley also had a cameo. Kinepolis reserves tonight for the premiere as well as two VIP-rooms are also ten meeting rooms for the general public, that tickets were through media partners divided. In total, more than 4,000 visitors expected. The general release of the film on 12 december.

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