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The 9 best movies of the week

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Nine good reasons to go to the cinema. The best films now in the cinema, selected by our filmrecensent Jeroen Struys.



Loftrompet for pirouette.

Is this the biggest names Flemish debut ever? A girl wants to be ballerina, but still her man’s body off to dance. This is a film that is vulnerable to dare to prepare and that also asks of the viewer.

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Beautiful Boy


“I thought we close. I thought we’d be closer to each other were than most fathers and sons. Why isn’t it?” A father feels betrayed by his son. Not only because that crystal meth is used (!) but mainly because of that that behind his back to do. Felix van Groeningen has the geflikt: Beautiful boy, about the true story of a father and son, is a film that washes over you like a tsunami. No waterkeringsmuur of cynicism can save you.

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An interview with father and son Sheff, on whom the film is based >

An interview with Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch >



LSD in the sangria.

The director of ‘Irréversible’ searches again the boundaries of the medium of film and you, the viewer, with a party that to 130 bpm seamlessly into a nightmare. A more cinema-like experience can you this year do not add up.

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Cold war

Polish passion.

Directors who dare to works of art for eternity: they still exist. Three years after ‘Ida’, Pawel Pawlikowski with ‘Cold war’ a beautiful film about a doomed love in a broken Europe.

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Revenge of the widows.

Ever had you to museums of contemporary art to the work of Steve McQueen, who began as a video artist. With masterpieces such as ‘Hunger’ and ‘Shame’ he has made a name in the arthousecinema, and then he Oscar win for ‘12 years a slave’. With ‘Widows’, he now has a thriller made for the multiplex. What follows? An amusement park?

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Woman at war

Don’t stop.

With bow and arrow draws an Icelandic klimaatactiviste to battle against the aluminium industry. Reviewer Ruben Aerts saw a charming feelgoodfilm in the public debate mixes. Again a great movie from Iceland: there must be something in the glacier water sit. It will still not aluminum, you know?

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Utoya 22. July

Terror on an island.

72 minutes had the young people on the Norwegian island of Utøya flights for the 410 bullets that the extreemrechtste terrorist Anders Breivik fired on them. In exactly the same amount of time, you get exactly the same a lot of explosions in this dramatic re-enactment of that tragic day.

An interview with director Erik Poppe and review >


Mortal engines

Crazy enough.

The world is to make soap. Cities swallow up other cities in the fight for the remaining resources. One girl says no, and rebels. The salvation must come from… a usb key. Produced by Peter Jackson.

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Liebe in den Gängen


He can have his forklift truck, hardly the boss when he falls for the lady of the snoepafde-ling. This film from the east of Germany looking for some heat between the cold, hard shelves of the wholesaler.

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