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Tension in Madrid increases for Superclasico, but Tevez believes that the fans are smart enough: “It’s only a football match”

The players of Boca Juniors have Thursday for the first time trained in the Santiago Bernabeu stadium of Real Madrid. There, they play Sunday night against archrival River Plate in the second leg of the Copa Libertadores. Carlos Tevez hopes that the riots that led to the move of the match to Spain on Sunday to re-occur.

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“It is a bit of a strange finale. As a player, you must stay focused on the match because it is going to be a final in the Copa Libertadores. But a River-Boca and finishing in Madrid, it is strange,” said the striker of Boca Juniors after the end of the training.

On 24 november, the two clubs from Buenos Aires each other in the stadium of River Plate prepare for the second leg of the final, but after heavy fights was the match cancelled. That day fell fans of River Plate, the team bus of Boca with rocks and tear gas. Several players became thereby injured.

“I believe that the fans are intelligent”

After a lot of consultation, it was decided the party to move to Madrid. The 34-year-old Tevez hopes that the Argentine fans, this time quietly. “I believe that the fans are intelligent, they know that they have the quantity here, not in fires,” said the ex-striker of Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus. “Hopefully everything stays calm as it should be. It is a simple football game. We players know that it is a finale, but it also remains a simple football game.”

The first leg in La Bombonera, home to Boca, which finished 2-2.

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