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Swiss Post Blockchain cooperation is

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Matthias Nemack –

In Switzerland, a new Blockchain infrastructure to offer at the end also for the authorities and more digital opportunities for the transfer of data is currently. In the new network, in particular, Swiss Post is involved.

Switzerland is one of the most important crypto-courses in Europe

After Switzerland was last with the first major industry events that you can do to hope on the title of the most important European Blockchain site, would now like to currencies, the Swiss Post their mite to the growing importance of the country in Crypto such as Bitcoin and Blockchain applications. And, not least, for the Alternative Ether, the Ethereum Foundation, as we know, is resident in Switzerland.

Post and Swisscom want to also appeal to companies and authorities

Together with the company, Swisscom, the Post would like to call a cooperative infrastructure of their own. This is to make in Switzerland and to applications based on the Blockchain technology. It should remain in this context, but not alone, if self-developed services with reference to the Blockchain. The infrastructure should instead be open to companies in the economy in the Alpine Republic as a whole. This is clear from today’s opinion of the partners, Swisscom and Swiss Post.

System no later than the spring for the first Tests open

A start date for the first pilot projects after the introduction of the system. In the second quarter of the year 2019 it is supposed to be so far. An example of the advantageous use of the platform services according to developers, public administration, the Transfer of sensitive digital data, it could be safer and more transparent – not least also for the authorities in the country. In the case of the Two-cooperation, it must not remain, other interested companies could also participate. Thus, the System could grow even faster and many more application possibilities.

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