Singer Daan and girlfriend Michelle expect kerstkindje

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“This time I take more time to enjoy,” said a beaming Daan Stuyven (49) in Day All. The singer has big news: he’s expecting with his girlfriend Michelle (34), at christmas a child. For her it’s the first, for him the third of the same women.

The baby, a girl, is calculated for 24 december. “A kerstkindje so,” says Dan, “although they of me a few days earlier, so that we are indifferent to the festive table can sit down”.

The rocker is now more than two years, together with his fifteen-year-younger girlfriend. “Two years ago, in the summer we have to know each other at a party of mutual friends, in a castle with a beautiful pond,” says Michelle, who is in the daily life of interior designer. “That pond was a rowboat. It was all light. I’m in that boat and have called: ‘Who wants to bring a boat?'”

Daan did not hesitate long: “Five minutes later we were all on the swim”. “But that pond was quite dirty, lots of mud and so on, and so we had then in the bath. And that was a good way to get to know each other.”

Despite the fact that he already has two children (a son of 19 and a daughter 11), tells the singer that Michelle and he quickly children spoke. “I saw that immediately sit. Children is the finest thing I have in my life have already experienced. I ventured there on my age, to dream. To I Michelle met.”

In Day All looks Stuyven back on the births of his two children: “It was pure chaos”. There would like the musician to bring about change. “Now I take more time to enjoy it. Between december and February you will I really never get to see action.”

Also his children are delighted at the arrival of their half-sister. “George is 19, and that is just once again became a big brother. Along his mother’s side, of course. He has, therefore, something of ‘doe maar’. My eleven year old daughter, who is also Michelle – funny, actually – had a moment at the idea of getting used to. She feared for her place as my little girl. But she must not fear to have. Now she looks really really looking forward to it.”

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