Rihanna puts out a sick fan heart under the belt

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The woman placed a while ago a photo of himself, taken after surgery. Then poses with her oxygen tank and she jokes that they are just Hazel feels, the character from the movie The Fault in Our Stars which as they to cancer suffers. “Sis, we pray all for you,” wrote Rihanna this week in the post. “Your power and your gift to your beautiful soul to show in these difficult times are an inspiration.”

The singer tried himself in the situation of Monia in which to live. “I can imagine that your free you only feel, all those hours between the ziekenhuismuren, afraid to fall asleep because you might not be able to wake up and with the feeling that no one, that feeling will ever understand. And the physical pain, the medication and the side effects.”

The pop star from Barbados called her fanschare on, just as they were, Monia a springboard to give. “I want you to know that we are there for you.”

Monia had Rihanna not tagged in her post, but the two have often met. The singer responds regularly to the messages from the young German.

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