Politician nude photo sent suspended

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SHEFFIELD – A British politician who was a toplessfoto of a woman sent to a group of mothers, is on non-active. Councillor Mohammad Maroof of Sheffield in the wild via the instant messaging service WhatsApp a video to share with the organization, Mums United, but clicked to say that by accident the spicy image.

Maroof states that he is in fact a video had to send the founder of Mums United, reports the BBC. Who served at that time, a petition in about steekpartijen in the area. “I clicked by accident on the wrong picture”, sighs the councillor. “As soon as I found out, I asked if the photo wanted to remove.”

The WhatsApp blunder in Sheffield for any commotion. A member of the group, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that the incident “really shameful”. The chairman of the board calls the fotovoorval “very serious.” Maroof remains suspended until the matter is sorted out.

The embattled assemblyman has apologized. He says, according to the British broadcaster that he was the WhatsApp group just came up with the position of women is strengthened. The toplessfoto would to him earlier by someone, are sent and automatically stored on the phone.

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