Peter Van de Veire is expecting a baby

86cefcf2316512a2bf164638d220b896 - Peter Van de Veire is expecting a baby

MNM-presenter Peter Van de Veire and his wife Ilse are in happy expectation. That was announced by the radio host last night in full Sinterklaassfeer on Instagram.

Also Peter Van de Veire and his wife Ilse (33) have last night their Sinterklaasschoentje, with a carrot and sugar cubes, as it should be. Alert followers, however, saw that more was going on, because in the middle of the picture shows off a babyschoentje. “#2019”, titlethe the 47-year-old radioman from Eeklo, under the photo.

And yes, also his manager confirms the good news. “Sometime next year, Peter is again papa, and there he and his wife very happy. Now he goes first to focus on MNM, Les Flamands (the creative house that he, along with Niels Destadsbader and Miguel Wiels established, red.) and ‘The Smartest Man’. Matter that the child is still something to be proud of”, says with a wink.

The One presenter has already three grown daughters from a previous relationship. Jitske (25), Kato (22) and Hebe (19). Peter was only 21 when his then girlfriend became pregnant. “That was scary, because we were much too young to be mom and dad to be. But at a certain moment take you, after all the considerations, the decision to be fully present for. And there is a prachtkind from uncle”, he told about that in an earlier interview.

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