Parliament of Belgium agree to ’Marrakech’

d59363e4655881d2841598e943b5f075 - Parliament of Belgium agree to ’Marrakech’

BRUSSELS – The Belgian parliament to agree to the international migratiepact. A large Kamermeerderheid supported a strengthened resolution at which the prime minister, Charles Michel will be asked for the pact Monday in the Moroccan Marrakesh to approve it.

Prime Minister Charles Michel.

The resolution with 107 votes for and 36 against, adopted. Among other coalition partner, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) voted against.

Wednesday had a majority of the buitenlandcommissie for the resolution voted, and voted N-VA. The party is a fierce opponent of the pact, because Belgium according to the Flemish nationalists, the grip on migration policy, it loses. The N-VA threatens its ministers from the government to pull back as Michel, the pact approves.

The pact will take place on Monday at a summit meeting of the United Nations in Marrakesh deal. In the 34-page agreement that fully entitled the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration’ is called, are guidelines for dealing with migrants. There is in that which is not legally binding.

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